Why should you consider choosing

We offer prescreened projects with market-leading potential selected by a trusted investment advisory board

You will get a large and diversified portfolio with a single investment, and earn regular bonuses and dividends

You can experience the privileges of private sales as a CentrumCoin owner

Why should you
choose CentrumCoin?

Here are 5+1 reasons:

Great Opportunities

You can invest in the newest opportunities already showing potential.

Do you ever wish you had invested in Apple before it went public?

Coin Bonus

You, as a granted CentrumCoin token (CCC) holder, get a share in every project token offering we execute.

Payments of shares

You have a right to a share of the CentrumCoin operating firm’s profits, distributed in CCC tokens.

Voting Opportunity

If smart contracts need to be upgraded to keep up with the newest technological developments, we will always ask for your consent.

Validated investments

Investment projects with promise are undersigned by legal, marketing, financial and technological professionals, alongside experienced industry specialists.


Deloitte is our strategic partner in every project on our platform.

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Invest in the future

Invest easily in trustworthy selected projects.

Even small investors will have the chance to invest in pre-screened projects in their private-sale phase at early prices.

I want to invest
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Raise funds from quality investors

Raising funds never been as simple as it is now with CentrumCoin.

We are not just connecting you, the project owner, with your future investors, but also with any legal, marketing, technical, or mentoring support you might need.

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Shortlisted Projects

These projects have passed CentrumCoin’s first steps of verification pre-screening. Now it is up to the industry professionals and the Investment Advisory Board to make the final decision to conduct an STO/ICO for these projects.

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Public Procurement

We intend to put public-procurement processes and tenders on the blockchain
for greater integrity and transparency.

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Real Estate Investment Fund

We will be raising funds for property-developing companies by tokenising shares.

Real Estate
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Smart Dubai

Our emphasis is on Smart-City infrastructure development in the UAE, ranging from civil-service processes to healthcare.


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